Monday, May 4, 2009

NOCI - Crystal Lake, IL - May 1 - 3, 2009

Friday was an early start for us, not good since I was at the N9NE Steakhouse 10 Year Anniversary Party on Thursday night, 5 hours of sleep ~ fabulous! I got there a little later than I wanted to but had plenty of time to catch both general walk-thrus.

Ruby was the first 24" dog on the line all three days so I had to cut my walk-thrus short and make sure she was pottied and warmed up properly. Friday's STD course was tricky and I was a little foggy so I ended up on the wrong side of the a-frame. Ruby saved the run and took first place. I was just cracking up at my ineptness and had so much fun running her that day. She had a nice run in JWW later and placed third for QQ #16.

On another note: the club had decided to use their new spooky table this weekend and our judge on Friday, Tim Verrelli commented that he's never had to NQ that many dogs for just a table fault. The dogs saw the table and launched thinking it was a panel jump. I'm glad Ruby hung on, she was a very good girl. See the picture below of our friends Fergus and Katie:

I'm also very proud to say that this picture was taken on Sunday during Part One of Fergus' first Double Q! Nice job you guys! =) We are very proud of you! BTW Fergus had no issues with the table. ;)

Saturday: Ruby had another fabulous run in STD but she was a slow as we had dock diving practice Friday night. I just couldn't deny her the thing she's loves to do the most. =) Then I totally forgot the JWW course and got lost. That really sucked because she was moving! I got her back on track and she did everything that I asked, finishing nicely. I'm starting to see a pattern here with either being hung-over or sleep deprived and my QQ rate...

Sunday: Pretty much the same scenario. We Q'd in STD but I pulled her off a jump in JWW and she was running so nice and fast! UGH! I'm so frustrated with myself and I kept thinking that I'd get lost again when I was waiting to go into the ring.

This brings me to a point: Why are people so mean and catty? I've never tried to be anything but nice to everyone and supportive then they turn around and stab you in the back or say nasty things right before you walk into the ring. So not worth it anymore and I know there will be only a few people I'll be talking to at trials coming up. One of my friends also had an incident with her dog and after it happened she apologized to the owner of the other dog - he only got snarled at. The woman was just mean to her and wouldn't accept her apology. Stuff happens, they're dogs for Christ sakes, and the dogs never came close enough to even touch each other. It just amazes me because we do this to have fun with our dogs. I guess that's another reason to like USDAA better.

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