Thursday, February 28, 2008

Winter Blahs

Is it ever going to get warm so I can go dock diving? *sigh*

My mom says this weekend there is a big agility trial in Crystal Lake. All of my friends will be there: Madison, Fergus and I think Dylan too. Madison is going down to Dana's place in Wilmington to see Dr. Teresa today. Madison hasn't been moving around so well and she needs to get "adjusted." I don't know what that means but I like seeing Dr. Dan or Dr. Julie. I feel all loose when they're done and they get lots of kisses. Plus when I see Dr. Julie I get to do the underwater treadmill and swim for a few minutes. It's fun and I get lots of treats!

This is a picture of Madison. Isn't she pretty?

This is a picture of her little sister, Zoey. Zoey is training for agility and flyball. She's pretty cute, huh?

Zoey always tries to herd me when she sees me. I wish she'd just run with me instead of biting my back legs. Her teeth are sharp! Here's another picture of Zoey with her hedgehog.

Zoey gets to go to the trial tomorrow morning, get "measured" and check everything out. If I'm lucky my mom will bring me to work with her tomorrow. More later and I'll let everyone know how my friends do this weekend.

Update: Poor Madison didn't get to do the trial. She was still very sore but will be back in action very soon. I was a very good girl and had two beautiful runs on Saturday but knocked a bar in Jumpers and popped my weave poles in Standard. On Sunday I took 3rd place in Jumpers but my mom wasn't a very good handler in Standard class. Oops! I went to see Dr. Julie on the following Wednesday and it turns out that my pelvis was out. I am good to go after my adjustment.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Hi Everyone!

My name is Ruby, I'm a vizsla & I just turned three last November. I live in Chicago with my mom and my brother, Cougar. I do agility, flyball, dock diving and Rally Obedience. I think I love dock diving the best. I bark a lot to let everyone know that I'm there. My mom says I have the biggest mouth. I just earned my Novice Big Air Title at Rosemont last month. My mom says that I'm also the #1 Nationally ranked vizsla in dock diving. That really doesn't mean much though - there's only three of us! :)

I also LOVE food. It's the best! My mom feeds me raw food. She says it's very good for me and that's why my coat is so shiny.

This past weekend my mom and I went to Kewanee, IL for an AKC agility trial. It wasn't like I remembered last year. It was really hard to run and jump and I didn't really want to do my weaves. My mom says I was good though and that my contacts were very nice. I got 1st place on Saturday and 2nd place on Sunday in Open Standard to finish my title. Whew! It was hard to run in that stuff. After the trial we went to my cousin Sable's house to watch TV and eat dinner.

Sable is a boxer and she's usually a lot of fun but I was tired and just went to bed in the spare bedroom. My Aunt Toni and Uncle Kevin thought it was funny.

This is my friend Libby and me:

She's a vizsla just like me. We met in agility class when we were only a year old. We do lots of stuff together. Hunt quail, go to the beach, run at the park, you name it. We also like to lie around and chew bully sticks. Sometimes we trade. We also celebrated our 2nd birthdays together. We had a big party and invited lots of our friends. There were games and treats for us and our parents. I love treats!