Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Pictures of River

I think he's ready for his casting call... =)


Brett said...

Hey Liz,

My name is Brett Burnham, I live in Washington, DC. I'd love to talk to you about breeding your handsome boy River to my beautiful kooiker bitch Bianca. I'm nit even sure if you are interested. email me ( and send me your contact info, and we'll chat.

What amazing dogs you have!


Marianne said...

River looks just like his brother!! And I think they look very good:) We met River and Linux's sister a few weeks ago, and she looks almost the same, just a little bit more "feminin". Fun to see that they have grown up to be so similar, almost all the "puppies". How is he doing? Linux is in a very good mood these days, but we are just waiting for the next "puberty-periods". I heard that River killed chipmunks:) Linux tries to kill spiders and almost all living creatures smaller than himself (luckily not other dogs and cats;) so I think it runs in the family;)

Linux, Marianne and Simen.

Ruby said...

Hey Marianne -
I saw Linux's picture on Birgitta's website; he's so handsome! :) Yes, River likes to kill chipmunks and birds and can spot a spider way up on the ceiling and want to get it. Kelly would do that in the yard and I remember seeing her just grab a fly off the wall and eat it. She was quick! River is doing really well with recalls etc. I'm hoping this lasts! :) I like that he's listening so much better. Well except for rolling in smelly stuff. He really likes raccoon poop. It's disgusting. He probably gets a bath about every two weeks. He's doing very well in agility training and should be doing his first competition in two months or so. Did you see that Frodo won the Medium dog class at the European Open? Very cool that he beat all those shelties and small border collies!
Liz, Ruby and River

Marianne said...

I like when other breeds than border collies and shelties do good in agility and obedience-competitions! Then I see that we have a chance to do well too;) We just need to train a little bit more, and get a little bit more courage to enter a competition;)

Linux also loves to roll inn different types of poop. Some weeks ago he just dissapeared in the forrest. We found him over a pile of deer-poop. He didn't run away, he just stopped and we didn't see him stop. I think that was that weeks big "bonus":)
But Linux has just started swimming, so now it is a bit easier to clean all that disgusting smell of. We just let him swim for a while, and use some shampoo if it smells too bad...

Ruby said...

Me too! I love when an "off" breed wins an agility competition. We just have to push a little harder.

Deer poop!?!? River is jealous...that's a huge "bonus!" :)

I wish I had time to get River swimming. Hopefully when I visit my parents we'll take the dogs to the lake. River does love playing in the baby pool though.