Monday, May 18, 2009

Chicagoland Dockdogs & Agility Ability - May 16 - 17, 2009

Whew! What a cold windy day it was on Saturday. The sun tried to come through and help us out a bit but the wind kept up all day. The water was freezing and I can't believe Ruby jumped in at all. She was pretty fired up to play the game though. Her first jump of the day ended up being her furthest - 10' 7" and she placed 5th in the Junior level in Wave 1. From there her jumps decreased to 10' 4" in the 2nd Wave and 8' something for a 3rd place Novice level jump in the 3rd and final Wave of the day.

Between Waves 2 and 3, I did try Speed Retrieve practice with Ruby. She seemed to get it but that was also when she decided that it was too cold to jump. I'll wait until Fourth of July weekend at the Summer Splash Event in Rockford/Loves Park before we do any dock diving again this year. She did make it to the finals on Sunday as an alternate for the Junior division but since we were doing agility all the way out in Plano, I figured we'd take a pass.

Sunday started out a lot better and was only chilly early in the morning. It had started to warm up by our first run in Jumpers at 8:30. We were the first dog on the line and she ran great, not even looking at the off-course tunnel trap that got a lot of dogs. She dropped a bar however as the Jumpers ring in Plano is on a slight slope. The timer malfunctioned so I have no idea how fast she ran the course but I bet it was pretty slow since her legs were pretty cashed from swimming all day on Saturday.

About an hour and a half later we ran the Standard course. She did very well again and placed 2nd picking up 25 MACh points. Seems like we are staying just slightly ahead of our competition but since we are taking Memorial Day weekend off for some much needed R & R, I'm sure we'll lose our tiny lead since everyone else will be trialing for sure. Oh well, I guess I should really stop caring about what other people are doing because as far as I'm concerned, Ruby's my best girl and will always be the #1 Vizsla in my book! =)

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