Monday, May 5, 2008

Northwest Agility Trial Weekend

Wow! What a long weekend! There were some ups and downs but it ended well.

Friday was a VERY long day. Ruby and I NQ'd in Standard but had a very nice run. Jumpers was a little tricky and there were some pitfalls that I didn't see so we ended up with 3 off-courses. Yikes! FAST was nice but I knew that we wouldn't get the tough send portion. So we were 0 for 3 on Friday.

Saturday was a little better. We had a little problem in Standard with missing our a-frame contact and some problems on the table (naughty girl didn't want to stay) but I think we've got them worked out. She had a beautiful run in Jumpers taking 4th place and earning 11 MACH points.

On Sunday our Standard run was a train wreck. Ruby was feeling a little full of herself and didn't hold her start line. She got her weave entry only to pop between the 3rd and 4th pole. I put her in to redo them and she popped at ten to blow me off and run into the wrong side of the tunnel. I put her in the correct side to continue our run and told myself that if she didn't hold her dog walk contact I was going to pull her. She held it however and we finished the remainder of the course.

Ruby didn't get any treats for her horrible behavior and we had a long talk back at her crate. She was much better in Jumpers and qualified again earning 8 MACH points. At this rate I think we'll have our MXJ before we get our AX. *sigh*

I had another interesting thing happen. The judges took a very long time to get the ribbons done, so Cindy and I went to get something to eat and then came back to continue our long wait. She took Madison outside to potty and I went out to find her. What do I see when I walk out the door but a handsome little Kooiker puppy! Rennen - which means 'smooth running' in Swedish - just turned a year old. His owner Helen and I talked at length about him and it turns out that the breeder in Sweden that I've been talking to is very close friends with Rennen's breeder. Helen and I exchanged contact information and she is very excited that I may be getting a Kooiker puppy.

And FINALLY a BIG congratulations to Cindy and Madison for their first Double Q on Sunday. Great job you guys!

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