Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Little Better

Ruby is at work with me again today. You'd never guess something horrible happened to her looking at this picture.

The drain tube has been out for two days now and everything seems to be healing well. The bruising has almost disappeared. I've been putting Traumeel gel on the bruised parts as well as giving the pills to her orally twice a day. Her spirits are up and she's typically been her normal happy self, at least with people, though she has been sleeping a lot. She's only been around two other dogs since the incident, one being her BFF Libby and it was like nothing had happened. Ruby saw Shenille at the office for the first time today and only seemed a little strange when Shenille tried to smell her side as she approached her a bit quickly.

The red squarish hole is from the drain tube. The vet said that it would just close up on it's own, though it looks like it could use a stitch or two. She has also been jumping into the back of the car on her own so it must not be bothering her that much. As Polly said, it's amazing how quickly these dogs recover!

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