Monday, November 3, 2008

Tibetan Terrier Agility Trial - Manhattan, IL - AKA Ruby Saves My Hide

We had some great weather for an early November trial and some tricky courses to go along with it. Judge Tom Woepse designed some interesting courses with hard angles and fun serpentines. Both Jumpers courses had a fast straight run out to the finish. Awesome! =)

Saturday's Standard course had some tunnel discriminations but nothing we haven't seen before. Ruby went a little wide in one spot and spun in the wrong direction after a poorly executed rear cross but she was such a good girl. She even let me rear cross her into the weaves and I was so proud! She placed 2nd and finished her MX title.

Jumpers had an interesting serpentine beginning that Ruby read perfectly. She nailed her weave entrance and turned tightly to come back down the course. Then I called her a little late for a turn as she went wide after a rear cross and had to yell to call her off an off-course jump. She quickly corrected herself and saved a jump that any other dog would have missed. She totally saved that run and earned herself QQ #4.

After running Ruby in JWW for 2nd place, I had the honor of running my friend Alise's dob, Carly. She is a wonderfully smart, sensitive dog and though I did my best, I couldn't help her in the weaves and misdirected her. She was a blast to run and tried her heart out. I was in need of an oxygen tank though as I ran her only four dogs after Ruby. I need to get in shape!

Sunday's Standard run was a lot smoother though Ruby still won't hit her DW contact. She's just trotting through the yellow. It may be time to start marking it again at trials with an Oops! She was a very good girl and placed 3rd.

Jumpers was kinda funny because I walked that course WAY too many times. Since they weren't having separate walk-thrus for the different heights I had to wait until all the little dogs and 20" dogs had run before we went. I completely forgot my plan of action and ended up on the wrong side of the serpentine for a second. I fixed it and Ruby held up her end, doing as I asked but it was pretty sloppy and definitely didn't look very nice. Still only two 24" dogs qualified and Ruby placed 1st. She earned 62 MACH points this weekend. Yea! =)

So now that we only need one more QQ to qualify for Nationals and 37 more MACH points, I made an executive decision and pulled her from the Amherst Junction (Camp Bandy) trial. My friends have convinced me that we will get that one QQ in five attempts instead of seven. I hope they are right as I sent an email to the trial secretary asking her to pull our entry. I've heard some mixed reviews on the surface there and would rather keep her healthy and injury free. Plus she deserves some time off to play and be a dog.

I'll insert some video and add a new post with some pictures of River in the next day or so.

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