Monday, November 10, 2008

November 9 & 10, 2008 - Fox Valley DTC

Saturday was absolutely miserable weather. Freezing rain, cold wind and then some snow flurries. Blech! After a minor delay, Ruby, River and I met up with Aunt Hallie, Libby, Christa, Bentley and Royce at the Greene Valley Dog Park in Du Page County. The humans froze but the canines had fun running around and chasing each other. Ruby likes to get a chase game going with Libby and River just runs after them. He thinks he's a Vizsla. =) After a very short play date we all went home.

Sunday the weather was just as gross (can you tell I hate winter?) but Ruby and I had plans inside. I had entered her in a Rally trial because it was nearby; just 15 minutes away in St. Charles. I left River at home which turned out to be a good thing. The building at the Kane County Fairgrounds that the Obedience/Rally trial was being held in was packed. I could barely find room for Ruby's crate!

I wasn't expecting Ruby to do too well as our last time out in Rally we got excused from the ring because she was barking at me. It was a Provisional Judge back in June that didn't know that it's just supposed to be points off; barking isn't an excusable offense unless it's totally out of control and Ruby usually just barks at me at stationary exercises, like the 'Halt, Right Turn, Call to Heel' because I have to leave her. Though I guess that doesn't make sense because she's totally fine with the 'Honor' exercise when I have to be 5 feet away from her. I'm also happy to say that she performed her 'Moving Down' really well.

Anyway...she managed to keep her barking to a minimum, didn't break out of heel too often and she actually passed! She scored an 87 which I am very happy with and she now has one leg toward her Rally Excellent title. Yea! Now I can't wait until our next Rally trial. Maybe we'll do the Christmas Cluster next month.

We're getting packed for our trip to Ohio next weekend and it'll be good to do agility again after a week off. I think I'm becoming addicted to trialing. Do they have a self-help group for that? LOL!

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