Monday, November 17, 2008

Grove City, OH - Bedlington Terrier Club Agility Trial

The Buckeye Ranch Equestrian Center is a great little place to hold an agility trial. The dirt/mulch mix was an awesome surface for the dogs to run on. Crating space was sufficient and organized and their equipment was really nice. Tons of parking is also a plus. I don't think Ruby could have been happier running anywhere else. Since I didn't have anyone available to video tape my runs, I've attached the course maps from this weekend. I hope Ruby's blog doesn't get shut down by the AKC. =)

Of the three-day trial I only entered Saturday and Sunday. I opted to do FAST on Saturday so Ruby could get used to the footing. She had a very nice run and actually got the send bonus. We had a slight bobble as she misread a front cross and just came to my opposite side as she had already locked onto a jump so we missed the points on the A-frame and an eight point jump I had planned for our course. I was afraid that we didn't have enough points as she also knocked a bar on the double worth two points but we squeaked by with 61 to get her first Excellent A FAST leg.

Standard was similar in the opening to the FAST course but the table was thrown in there where I would have sent her into the gamble area. She must have been a little confused because when I told her to "sit" on the table she offered me a 2o/2o position! I think my jaw actually dropped open as she's NEVER done that before especially on a 24" table. I had no choice but to pull her off and send her back on the table so we NQ'd at that point. The horrible thing is that the tough ending which posed lots of problems for other dogs we aced. So frustrating!

Our Jumpers run went very well; we were connected and she was very focused and fast. She came in fifth behind some very impressive dogs, earning 12 MACH points.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with Susan, Pam and Sue - who both had very impressive days: Elan got her MACh14 and Thunder, who's only been in Preferred since June, got her PAX! We had a great time at dinner Saturday night. I had a blast!

On Sunday I only entered Ruby in Standard and Jumpers, now realizing that it was a huge mistake as she sat in her crate until noon! Needless to say she was a bit of a maniac when we finally got to run. I knew when she came flying out of the chute that I was in trouble...I tried to keep her focused, using her name and an "Easy, table" as we approached the table but she veered off, spun and came back to the table earning us a refusal and an NQ at the table again! She sat immediately however and I took a small lead out to get into position for a front cross into the weaves. She nailed the tough entry only to pop after the third pole. Why? I have no idea though at that point it didn't really matter. She did however have a lovely turn off the A-frame into the tunnel.

I almost left for my long drive home but Susan convinced me that since I paid for my Jumpers run, I may as well stay for it. So I did and Ruby was great again; focused and fast though I had trouble seeing where I was going - I'd been having trouble with my contacts since Friday night. Some gross protein build-up made my vision a little blurry. She placed 4th and earned another 9 MACH points.

So no QQ's this weekend but we racked up 21 more points. We now have 3 more tries to get that last QQ for Nationals up in East Lansing, MI in two weeks. I'm starting to get a little nervous...

I hope you guys enjoy a little bit different post this week. Let me know what you think!

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