Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday, June 15th

The second day of the Car-Dun-Al trial was pretty scary. We had a lightning storm come up as we were walking the course and we were ordered to go inside or take cover. After it blew over the grass was pretty wet and by the time Ruby and I ran, the Jumpers course was pretty slippery. She was a very good girl though and kept all the bars up earning her 4th MXJ leg and 9 MACH points. I couldn't be happier with her progress after her horrible set back. Here's the video:

She wasn't so good in her Standard class later however. I had trouble with her in that ring all weekend with her focusing on something at or around the exit gate. She stopped right in front of the first jump and ignored me to miss the second obstacle altogether. I stopped, called her to me, picked her up and excused us from the ring. I have no idea what had gotten into her though we had a long wait at the entrance when the wind came up and they had to reset and sandbag a few jumps. Ruby doesn't have much patience, especially when I run out of cheese unexpectedly.

Cindy and Madison also had a very nice qualifying run in Standard. Only two more to go you guys! Good job!

After the trial we left for Romeoville to visit with my sister Toni and cousin Sable.

Sable and Ruby

"Seriously, why are we sitting here getting our picture taken? There was no mention of cookies!"

"Oh, wait! Sable??? Did you see that!?!?!?"

"It's a B. I. R. D.!"


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