Monday, June 9, 2008

June 7th & 8th Weekend

On Saturday Ruby got all of her sutures and staples out and the vet said she looked great. We were cleared to compete at the Hanover Park trial on Sunday.

Ruby did very well but I can't say much for myself. I got lost in Jumpers and messed her up. There was also a tough downhill jump into the weaves that most of the dogs missed. Standard went much better and we just had one refusal going into a tunnel which I think was also my fault as I let her get too far ahead of me and she wasn't sure where she was going.

All in all a nice couple of runs and everyone thought she looked great for having so much time off. Cindy and Madison also had two very nice runs and took 4th place in Excellent Standard.

Ruby then had her best friend Libby over and chaos & hilarity ensued! Please see the previous post. :)

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