Monday, June 23, 2008

Cudahy Trial - June 21 & 22

Well, there was some conflicts, some confrontations and some resolve but I really wish I could just have fun running my dog without all the B.S. We did get to hang out with Kris and all her pups on Saturday and we had a good time. Thanks Kris! We also got to know some acquaintances a little better :) and make some new friends!

Saturday was interesting, I wasn't really mentally there for Ruby in our Standard run and sent her up the dogwalk by accident, then she popped her weaves and got a little crazy. I got her back and focused and the rest of her run was very nice. She had very nice contacts on her dogwalk and Alissa got a great picture of her on the teeter and going through the tire jump. Our Jumpers run was nice though I felt like I was running really far ahead of her and with the exception of her popping the weaves again (though this time between 10 & 11) it was a very nice run. After the trial we went home and she was even popping the weaves in the yard which is not like her so I'm trying to get her in for an adjustment with Dr. Mayer to see if that helps.

Sunday was a little better though we've been having problems with our start line. Luckily, she broke before I got a lead out and I was able to reset her in Standard. She ran very well though it felt awkward to me and we FINALLY got an Excellent Standard leg. She took 2nd place and I am very happy. In Jumpers she broke her start line again. This time I was too far away to reset her and didn't get the lead out that I wanted. Because of that, I wasn't where I needed to be for the next front cross and caused her to miss a jump. We continued and she nailed her weave entry but popped again at 11 - something is amiss with Miss Ruby - the ending was a serpentine and she read it beautifully, so I was happy with that.

Congrats to Tammy & Lexi and Wendy & Jack for their beautiful Jumpers runs on Sunday! Way to go girls! :)

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