Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday Night Class

Just a quick update on class last night. Unfortunately Dana wasn't there but we had Steve the Agility Nerd fill in for her.

Ruby's Class: It was one of Dana's typical evil courses though for some reason it felt very easy to me. Ruby ran it very well all three times and was even perfect the first time through. Getting information to her sooner really works! Wow! That Kurt sure is smart! =) Ruby didn't even have a problem with the tunnel/dogwalk discrimination because I told her where she was going as she exited the tunnel two obstacles away. Her contacts were spot on and she held her dogwalk & teeter end position beautifully. She flew over the dogwalk and only Elan had a faster dogwalk. I couldn't have been more happy with how beautifully she was working. Now if only we could get those stops on contacts at a trial!

River's Puppy Class: This week went a little better and Lisa added some structure by timing us with a stopwatch & then having us rotate to a different station. This helps EVERYONE get a chance to work on everything. I have to say that overall I think River is the best and most well balanced puppy in the class. Yes, I may be a bit biased but he's one of the youngest puppies and can do a heck of a lot more than the older teenage dogs can. I can actually send him out to a jump - just between the jump standards at his young age - and he understands 180's and 270's already, send him through a tunnel, direct him into the weaves etc. I've had to start closing the poles at the ends a bit as he was just launching himself through the first three and then collecting to single-stride the rest. When I did that he hopped between the first three poles and then switched to single-striding them to the end. It will be interesting to see how his weaves will develop. He also ran the lowered aframe beautifully. I have one of the most focused puppies and can work him off-leash most of the time.

I'm very proud of both of my kids as they both did so well in class this week. =)


Rascal's Trainer said...

Wow! I have an Aussie puppy five months old. How old is River and what books do you read to help with your agility training? Also, where are the classes held?

Great work and happy for you, Ruby, and River.

Ruby said...

Hey - I can't figure out how to respond to you so I'm trying this way. River is 7 months old and I've done quite a bit of foundation work with him on my own. Lucky for him he's my second dog; Ruby has had to go through a lot of re-training as we had some holes in her foundation, so to speak. We did Ann Braue's Puppy Agility Camp and I've taken a few privates with my current instructor, Dana Pike, and split them between River and Ruby. We train at For Your Canine in Schiller Park, IL - near O'Hare Airport. Most of the stuff I've learned is from my great instructors (Ann and Dana): Positioning on a travel plank, one jump exercises (call to heel) and Clicker training, also did Crate Games with him. It's amazing what you can teach an operant conditioned dog. He's just a wicked smart little puppy. Your aussie is really cute. I have a friend that has a bunch she runs in agility. Great dogs!