Wednesday, January 7, 2009

River Update - Puppy Agility Class

River had his very first puppy agility class last night and I couldn't be more proud of him. He's very confident and focused on his mommy. His 2o/2o position was beautiful on all three of the contact obstacles (mini-teeter, a-frame & the lowered dogwalk) and he took to running them very quickly and confidently. He had lots of play breaks and some cuddle time as well.

He's a very happy worker and very willing to please his mommy and figure out what I'm asking him to do. He had no problem running the open weave poles and right now single-strides them beautifully. The tire was no problem either. The only thing we need to work on immediately is strengthening his left side. He would turn around on the dogwalk to the right but wouldn't turn to the left. Some simple stretches should help with that.

I do think however that I need to start re-reading Linda M's Jumping Skills articles - well, I have the book now - and work on sending him out to obstacles as well as doing more 'One Damn Jump' stuff with him. He's such a great little dog!

More updates on River Puppy soon as I'm having so much fun with him! =)

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