Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stone City Kennel Club - Sept. 27 - 28, 2008

Busy weekend and I wasn't "in the mood" to do agility. Nevertheless, Ruby was and I had a hard time getting her to go where I needed her to be. Two off-course jumps on Saturday and a missed weave entrance on Sunday - well not really missed, she entered the wrong side - because she almost took an off-course then as well. I know that I needed a head-check at one point and I need to watch my shoulders/hips more now.

Seriously, what is up with taking the triple backwards? You wonder what goes through the dog's head to make them think that's a good idea. For the most part she was hell-bent on taking every jump in sight; at least she's feeling good, can't say much for myself. We were 0 for 3 going into Standard on Sunday. Really tight, ugly course and we redeemed ourselves by running it clean and for the most part, pretty tight for us. She ended up winning her class because Kris scratched the Clever Dog and Barb scratched Sheffie. Only 18 MACH points though, she ran the course in 49.03 and the judge had SCT as 59. Kris said that the judge wheeled pretty tight and I trust her opinion on that, especially since Clever is running World Team times and Kris has to keep track of all of that. Darn that .03! Probably because I held her DW contact. Oh well...

We still need 234 more MACH points and 4 more QQ's to qualify for Nationals. We'll try again this weekend in Manhattan at the Golden Retriever Club Agility Trial. We'll be doing FAST class as well on Friday. Go Ruby! =)

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