Monday, September 15, 2008

More Mud & Agility Dog Ruby - USDAA in Wilmot, WI

The forecast for the weekend was horrible but my friend Julia and I, the agility warriors that we are, headed up to Wilmot, Wisconsin for a two-day USDAA trial. Cream City Canines hosted the trial and as usual they did a great job filling in puddles with mulch to try to keep things safe for the dogs and handlers.

Ruby is still in Starters as this was only her second USDAA trial. Saturday she did great, taking 1st Place in every class (Gamblers, Snooker, Standard & Jumpers) except Pairs Relay. It wasn't our fault however, our relay partner had "a young BC" that couldn't weave (she tried four times), do the teeter or keep bars up. we were eliminated when her dog bailed off the teeter and she put him back on violating the four-paw safety rule.

Sunday the weather was worse, colder, and the rain just never let up. We started with Pairs Relay and we had great relay partners, Judy and her Giant Schnauzer, Rosie. I love when your partner actually tells you what their dogs strengths and/or weaknesses are. She told me that Rosie was having trouble keeping the double up. No problem, we took that half. Though since we were the first Relay Team to compete and they couldn't find the baton, Judy got creative and used a piece of mulch for the hand-off! Regardless we had a great run and took 1st Place also having the best time out of all the other teams.

Standard was next and Ruby took 2nd Place due to our using up about 15 seconds on the table because Ruby didn't want to down in a cold, wet puddle. Can't say I blame her though and she finished the rest of the course quickly, getting a hard weave entry and finishing her AD title.

Then we had Gamblers, Ruby took 1st Place again, and another round of Snooker, where we took 2nd but it was my fault because I forgot to run for the finish which was well away from the final jump of the closing sequence so we JUST made time. Oops! I then decided not to put myself and my dog through any more misery and scratched her from Jumpers. It just wasn't worth risking her getting hurt as the puddles were getting deeper and the rings much more slippery. Julia and I packed up the dogs and headed home at 12:30, pretty early for a USDAA trial.

To completely finish up in Starters we need one more leg of Snooker, Jumpers and Pairs Relay so I will keep her in Starters for those games and move her up to Advanced for Standard and Gamblers. I don't know when we'll be doing USDAA again however. Might not be until next April and it'll probably be indoors. :)

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