Monday, July 14, 2008

WAG Agility Trial - July 11th - 13th

We had some beautiful courses this weekend and very nice judges. :) I'd have to say that ALL of the Standard courses were fast and fun. The Jumpers courses this weekend were a little tricky though. I can see that the judges are going to make us work for those Q's now, especially if you have a fast dog.

On Friday Ruby qualified in Jumpers for her 6th MXJ leg, earning 9 Mach points and also took 2nd place in Standard earning her 2nd AX leg. So we had a "mock" Double Q, not a MACH Double Q. LOL!

Saturday's Jumpers course was a bunch of messy grids and 90 degree angles. Not easy. We NQ'd but it was because I couldn't get where I needed to be and not Ruby's fault at all. She tried but didn't know what I wanted. Quite a few people got lost on that course. The Standard course on Saturday was beautiful and Ruby won her class to finish her AX title.

Sunday's Jumpers course was tricky as well and if I had handled it differently it was definitely doable. I didn't think out our plan of attack very well and it was my fault that we got into trouble at the weave poles. I think I either blocked her entry or over-rotated and she wasn't sure where she was supposed to go. It was all down hill from there...The Standard course was another very nice course and Ruby ran it wonderfully except she missed her weave entry, probably my fault again. Other than that little bobble we had a very nice run and a couple people came up to me and told me how nice our run was. I guess even the NQ's can look good! :)

Next weekend we have one day of trialing up in Wilmot, WI on Sunday and I hope to get at least one leg of something up there though a Double Q would be nice. Then Ruby gets two weeks off as I'm leaving for Sweden to pick up her little brother. Shhh!!!! I haven't told her yet. :)

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