Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 6th - Stone City KC Agility Trial

A warm Sunday morning and a beautiful place to trial. It was a little slope-y (is that a word?) but Ruby handled the terrain beautifully. We ran Open FAST class first and she took 3rd place to finish her title.

Jumpers with Weaves was next. It was a wonderful, fun, fast course and she took 3rd place. We had a little problem with the timer however; it didn't stop when she crossed the finish jump so the man timing hit it manually when he realized it didn't stop. Unfortunately, I think we got robbed of 2nd place, which would have meant multipliers for MACH points. I know we were faster than the fluffy terv that took 2nd and we had a time only 4 tenths of a second behind them. How fast do you think Ruby ran the course? I think it was 30 seconds flat! :)

Standard was a funny mess, first I think I got her out too early and then Steve was taping our run downwind of us. She smelled him and came flying over the aframe to go say "hi." Oh well, two out of three ain't bad! :)

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