Monday, April 14, 2008


I have decided to take over the blog from Ruby for a bit. She's been getting crumbs in my keyboard and there's drool on the computer screen. Apparently she's been surfing for treats. :)

I'd have to say that with the exception of the VERY long day on Saturday, our first USDAA experience was great. Ruby was a very good girl and she had 5 qualifying runs out of 8. Our first run on Saturday - Jumpers - was very nice but Ruby knocked two bars getting used to the higher jumps and different footing. We also ran Snooker, Standard and Gamblers, ending up with a third place in Gamblers and non-qualifying runs in Snooker and Standard due to some little bobbles(someone suddenly needs to be babysat on the table - the naughty girl).

Sunday was a lot better. We qualified again in Gamblers, took third place in Standard and qualified in Pairs Relay with Jake & Norm. We also qualified in Jumpers at the end of the day which - thank God - was much shorter than Saturday! :) You can see two of our runs on my friend Shawna's YouTube account

It was great seeing everyone: Barb & Sheff - back after a short sabbatical :), Whitney & Dylan, Katie & Fergus, Shawna & Crush, Polly & Rainey, Steve & Meeker, Mary with Zane & Scout and Dana with Given & Bang! I think we all had a great time & even though we humans were exhausted the dogs all did very well. :)

I hope to post some more pictures soon.

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