Wednesday, May 4, 2011

River and Ruby in Urbana, IL April 30, 2011

Saturday was perhaps the windiest day I've experienced thus far. Before the wind picked up however, I got to run my dogs on a very fun Jumpers course at an AKC agility trial down in Urbana, IL

Since it was such a small trial I had to walk the course for both dogs at the same time. Here is the course designed by Judge Kay Vonnahme:

Ruby and River both won their classes (24" and 16" respectively) I did all rear crosses with River actually starting with him on my right side. I'm very proud to say that he ran it only .79 seconds slower than Ruby but at 5.38 yps giving him his first World Team Qualifying time. What a good boy! With Ruby I did all front crosses with the exception of a rear over jump #12 and she gave me a nice tight turn there. Such a fun course to run and it was great getting to run River again if only for one day. :)

As an update to my previous post, I have decided on a breeder with the help of my instructor Sherry that is to soon to have a wonderful litter on the ground. I mailed my contract and deposit to her on Monday. As they say, things happen for a reason. Updates will be posted as news comes in! Very excited about this litter! :)

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