Friday, February 4, 2011

River USDAA January 2011

1st Place Starters STD, 1st Place Starters Jumpers, 2nd Place Starters STD and a Grand Prix Q!


Hillary said...

Way to go Riv!

I was just about to message you the other day and see how your boy was doing :) Such a handsome man!

Can't wait till I get my Kooiker haha

Ruby said...

Ha ha! Thanks Hillary! We've been soooo busy... hard to keep up with the blog, etc. =)

mybestdogkeelie said...

Nice! Are you doing the McCormick dog show? I saw you do the Manhatten so I'm assuming you're in the area.

Hanna said...

Congrats! River's such a great little guy. :)

How is Ruby, back to her old self then?

I've actually been in Hampshire, outside of Chicago, for a couple weeks now. I've an internship and will be here through March at least. Will you be at any nearby events? I really would love to meet a kooiker in person and to be able to have a little chat with you if you're open to the idea!

Ruby said...

Hi Hanna -
Yep, ruby is back to her old crazy self! :)

I am in Barlett on Friday for USDAA then heading down to Lake St. Louis for Sat/Sun

Roscoe, IL @ Ledges Horse Arena the first weekend of March. Then Loves Park the weekend after that.

I'll post our schedule in a bit. River would love to meet you!

Hanna said...

That is good to hear!

Bartlett is only a short jaunt away, I can be there. :)