Wednesday, February 24, 2010

River - The Red-Headed Stepchild

The poor kid has been neglected with all that's going on with Ruby. We have some updates to share though.

On December 5th at the Hounds for the Holidays trial in Milwaukee, WI River achieved his Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ) title. He also earned his first Novice Agility leg that day. He placed 2nd in both runs.

Over the New Year's weekend we attended an agility trial in Columbus, OH. River made his Open Jumpers debut but was very distracted, as were quite a few other dogs, by the basketball players in the courts next to our rings. So our first run of the weekend was an NQ and totally understandable. He earned two more legs in Novice Agility and achieved his NA title on January 3, 2010. He also earned his first leg toward his Open Jumpers title that day with a 1st place run. Things are starting to come together for the little dude. =)

Since that trial we've been sticking close to home and River was entered for one day at the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever trial in Manhattan held out at Jimmy and Annette's place. Our friend Anne Riba was the judge and she had some very nice courses for the baby dogs. River had a qualifying run in Novice FAST, kept popping his weaves in Open STD so we NQ'd but he had a very nice run in Open Jumpers. I've noticed that his times have been getting faster as he trials more. This Open JWW run was almost 5 YPS! Yay for the baby dog!

Our last trial Feb 13 & 14 was also out at Jimmy & Annette's. On Saturday River QQ'd in Open - 1st place runs in both JWW & STD - finishing his Open Jumpers title and earning his first leg toward his Open STD title. He was a very good boy. We NQ'd in FAST though; the send was an almost straight tunnel out to a jump and he's just way too fast, I couldn't get there to tell him where to go next. He did end up with a lot of points though.

On Sunday the little man made his debut in EXC JWW with only one refusal. Our Open STD run didn't go very well but it was all my fault. I told him "good boy" while he was weaving causing him to pop at the tenth pole and he took the aframe getting a wrong course call on the way back to the beginning of the weaves. We had another wrong course later during the run because I didn't turn my shoulders enough to indicate a turn. I don't have video yet for these runs but I will post them when as I get them.

I'm VERY happy with how River is doing in agility. He's a very sweet boy and has loved joining Ruby on her long rehab walks. We have a three day trial next weekend and I hope we finish that Open STD title. =)


Greyhound said...

Aww River <3

Congrats on the Titles :) He's looking good!

Rascal's Trainer said...

Looking good! I love it when he tries to play with the judges and stewards. Rascal would do the same thing.

Are you still working on Rally with him?