Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fox Valley DTC - September 12 & 13, 2009

I was very excited to trial again and to make it even more fun...River Puppy made his debut on Saturday. So I'll start with him:

First we had Jumpers with Weaves, Novice B Class. He was awesome! He got his weaves on the very first try and finished them. =) Only a quick visit to one of the ring crew then right back to me and we finished the course. He was great and very happy! I did one FC with him that was pretty late; I think I was surprised that he'd be moving that fast. So next time I will be running and trust him to do what he was trained to do. :) He had a perfect score and won the class!

Then Standard Agility, Novice B Class. He was a very good boy letting me take a two jump lead out & reading that very well. :) He has just never been on rubberized contacts and slowed to smell the top of the DW. I did a quick release with him into the tunnel, a-frame, chute...Oops! He's never been in a 12 foot closed chute before so he came right out & we moved on to the table. Perfect! To the weaves...slight detour to say "hi" to the judge, perfect weaves, skipped the broad jump, jump to teeter, perfect 2o/2o to tire, skipped the panel jump and a big finish at the double! Yay River! Quick note: River's only seen the panel jump, broad jump and chute one or two times so I didn't expect him to do them anyway.

Ruby...a completely different story. First off, the courses were kinda weird. Both of the judges were "new" judges and need some lessons in course design. She was the pinwheel queen (though she had a higher Q rate) and he put two jumps very close together right before the finish jump in both of his courses as one of many challenges. Not very many Q's this weekend in the Excellent classes, at least for the big dogs, except for Sunday's JWW course. It was tricky but doable. Now I'm not saying that everyone should qualify & the courses should be easy, but when only 4 out of almost 50 dogs qualify and it's an exceptional running surface there's a problem.

I screwed up both days in JWW & my handling was off, though on Saturday I think Ruby was a little full of herself & took the off-course backwards triple just because she didn't feel like listening to me; I DID call her, maybe just not soon enough or loud enough & when we got to the end I really didn't give a crap because the course sucked. Like I said only four dogs Q'd in my class. Sunday's JWW run was going nicely but as I sent her out & over a jump to get into position for a FC, I checked back a second time with her because didn't trust her. That made me late getting where I needed to be for the FC to be smooth so it wasn't in the right spot, it wasn't deep enough and I ended up sending her off-course. She did have a nice ending on that course; where most of the other dogs NQ'd, she read it beautifully & made it look easy.

The Standard courses we handled great & I'd say that she rocked them! She did miss her A-frame contact on Saturday but we got a "gift" that we were "owed" as the judge didn't see it. Too bad it really didn't matter as there wasn't a QQ on the line. Unfortunately she missed her DW contact on Sunday & this time the judge didn't miss it. That really sucked because the rest of the course she ran awesomely. She didn't take the wrong side of the tunnel, she got her weave entrance & read the rear cross at the end really well not taking the wrong jump before the finish. That really bummed me out because she would have been 3rd on a course where only 6 dogs Q'd. =(

Notice the song choice for Ruby's video. Yes, it's Britney's 'If You Seek Amy' that allegedly has a double entendre but no it's not about sex at all if you listen to the words. It's about the people that watch her every move & everything she does & Brit-brit is pretty much giving them the finger! I know the feeling girlfriend! ;^) Which is why I can't wait to trial in Ohio at the end of the month. LOL!


Marianne said...

Hello, and thank you for your message in our guestbook. My next "project" is to translate some of the homepage to english, so then you may understand some more of what it says:)
And congratulations to River for a great result in his competition:) Its true Linux and River looks very much alike;) I sent some mails back and fourth with the owner of Diko, Linux and Rivers dad (witch died a couple of weeks ago, if you didn't know) and they was so impressed of how much all the puppies are alike, and how much they look like their dad. So I guess Birgitta can look at it as a good result of her breeding:) And the brothers and their sister are really great dogs too, at least the ones I have met:)
Good luck with your training, I hope that in a few mounth I will have buildt up enough courage to patissipate in a competition to. Linux have to much of it, I need just a little more selfconfidence;)

Marianne said...

I didn't watch the movies before now... It is so typical for them to just "check out" people before they can go on with whatever they were doing;)Really irritating when it is in the middle of a competition;) A person who just stands there can put Linux totally out of consentration;)

Ruby said...

So what happened to Diko? I'm shocked and Birgitta didn't tell me! At least they got another litter out of him this summer. The bitch is half sister to Kelly and she's absolutely lovely. I bet those pups look a lot like Linux and River too.

Yeah, he went to visit people. I think he just doesn't understand yet and you have to remember that they're still puppies so they're going to do silly puppy things. There are worse things than having a freindly dog, right? =)

I know the barsetter and she did the right thing by looking away and not acknowledging him, the judge though leaned over, said "hi" then realized her mistake and said "oops!" It could have been worse. I had him in Rally back in May and did two days with him. The first day he was really good, scored a 93 out of 100 and placed third. The second day we had an awful, mean judge. When we walked into the ring he announced our number and the breed. Well he couldn't pronounce it so I corrected him (wrong thing to do) he glared at me and then stared at River. He made eye contact so River thought he was supposed to say "hi" The judge also followed us VERY closely around the ring and River kept looking back at him and pulled a few times to get to him. It's obedience so you get points taken off for a tight lead. I was a stressed out and mad and River started to get worried too. Needless to say we NQ'd. Sometimes people don't help the situation either.

Marianne said...

I think Diko suffered of some kind of kidney- failior or something, but I don't think they knew why. Birgitta did't tell me either. She said she was going to, but I communicated with the owners of Diko before she had the chance to tell me. Maybe she just forgot to tell you... Diko's owners was wery happy to hear from us, and I think they felt that Diko was sort of living on in his puppies. In his last litter there was even a puppy called OKKID (diko backwards).

I really don't like judges who think their job is to make the competition difficult for us. I used to compeed in obedience whit a flat coated retriever before, so I know most of the judges who are good. And the ones who are not so good;) So I think I will plan the competitions so I not meet the ones who are not so good;) And Linux are also very sensitive of my mood, and also everybody elses moods, through me I guess, so I don't need a judge who tries to make the competition difficult for us. I Norway there is not too many obidience-judges, so it is possible to avoid the bad ones;) And I think a dog who wants to say hi, is not necesserly bad, you dont WANT it to happen in the middle of a competition, but these things happens, and it is a good thing when they wants to say hello, oposite to the Kooikers(or other dogs) who dont like any person or dogs he hasn't seen before...
But I guess we just have to lissen to the judges no matter what, and then we can go home and complain about it later when we think they made an unfair desition;)