Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Louisville, KY - March 13 - 15, 2009

I've been pretty busy and haven't had time to update the blog. I guess the long trips are wearing on me and I didn't feel like doing the write up! I'm just going to be brief here on Louisville since we're leaving for Nationals tomorrow.

We drove down on Thursday to do three days of the trial. I entered Ruby in the ISC classes as well as Standard and Jumpers.

Friday: Standard was an awesome course and Ruby took 3rd place. JWW we had trouble right at the start: Ruby took an off-course jump instead of the tunnel (obstacle #2) I don't know what that was all about. Then immediately we were in ISC JWW, no break. My understanding is that they are NOT supposed to start ISC Classes until the regular AKC classes are finished. She was a little slow and probably tired as well. We were clean though and she placed 4th.

Saturday: Another Q in Standard and a very nice run. JWW again she takes an off-course (tunnel this time) don't know why as I called her THREE times getting progressively louder. She pretty much gave me the finger and went into the tunnel anyway. ISC Standard, again run at the same time as regular JWW. It looked like a tricky course but it actually ran really well. Our only problem was that I tried to rear cross right before the A-frame. I NEVER rear-cross contacts so she bailed. We earned a refusal but we completed the obstacle and finished the course very nicely.

Sunday: Another wonderful fast Standard run; she placed 2nd only 1.11 seconds behind Preacher. I was very proud of her! =) JWW we finally got a Q! She was fifth overall but she went pretty wide in some spots as I didn't get information to her early enough. It was another QQ (Lucky #13) and I'm very happy with how well she did all weekend.

We leave for Nationals tomorrow afternoon and I'm getting really excited. Updates when we get back.

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Rascal's Trainer said...

Glad to see you back blogging.

I love Ruby's jumping tech. I hope Rascal will be as good as she is. Looks like she'll do just fine at Nationals.