Monday, March 24, 2008


Such a fun weekend I just had! My mom was home for Good Friday so I got to play in the snow. Then on Saturday I went to support my BFF Libby in a hunt test. My mom got to watch Libby and her mom Hallie run in the field. I had to stay in the car because I wasn't entered in the hunt test but we got to play before her brace went out. Libby did very well and found three birds. She passed to finish her Junior Hunter title.

This is Libby posing with her ribbon. She told me she only did it for the treats! Can't say I blame her. :)

Congratulations to Libby and Hallie! We're very proud of you! And thanks to Aunt Hallie for the yummy Easter cookies.

Sunday was fun for me too. I did a CPE trial - it's agility with lots of games - my mom told me that I was a very good girl. I took 1st place in three classes and 2nd in another. Next weekend is more agility but it's AKC in Fox Valley. Wish us luck!

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